100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories

100 great short short storiesI just discovered that over on one of audiobook discussion forums, they’re running a contest for the best one-paragraph love story.

I’m more the epic romance kind of guy, especially if it involves galaxy-spanning civilizations and/or time travel.

But I was also a HUGE fan of a couple of book anthologies by Isaac Asimov and Martin Greenberg, the first of which was called “100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories” (No audiobook version).

It was a collection of sci-fi short stories under 3 pages each. Great fun.

The requirement to develop a plot, characters, atmosphere… all in 3 pages, resulted in some great stories.

I don’t know what kind of stuff our customers and staff are going to come up with. But I’m sure there will be some gems.

By the way, there’s a gift certificate for free service/books at stake, in case an incentive is needed. Here’s my entry:

Anamemdron gripped his portal gun tightly, only a slight trembling revealing his inexperience. His mission to steal in and out of the capital exposed, he clung to hope of escape as tightly as his young charge clung to his tunic. Barely 16, the princess understood all too well the fate that awaited her should the daring rescue fail. His focus went from the Count to the portal site and back to the Count. With a fully deployed temporal shield, the Count was immune to the one weapon at Anamemdron’s disposal, and he was advancing steadily. The princess began to cry softly, murmuring “I’d rather die than go back…” With a flash of insight, Anamemdron turned his gun on himself, pulling the trigger before the Count’s leap of sudden desperation. And just like that, or rather, five years later, he found himself again with the princess clinging to him. But now very much of age, and VERY grateful for her rescue.

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  1. I didnt know one could write a one-paragraph any story – much less a romance/adventure and in the sci-fi genre no less!

    Well a minute, a smile and a laugh later – props to you!!

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