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I loved James Patterson’s first Angel Experiment book, “When the Wind Blows”. And although the sequels deteriorated a bit in quality, there were all enjoyable books.

maximum rideSo seeing a new book by Patterson based on the lead character from When the Wind Blows, I rented the first of the “Maximum Ride” books, which I discovered is only loosely based on the same characters in the original series.

Here’s the interesting part (to me at least).

I was captivated, absolutely captivated by the narrator and recording technique used in the first 5 minutes of the audiobook.

Then in the sixth minute, doubt began to set in as something stupid happened. Over the next 30 minutes, about 5 more stupid things happened, as implausible.

Now, here I am listening to a book about humans with wings and I’m calling other plot elements implausible.


Anyway, the plot was sill enough, especially with Max’s constant unwarranted lamentations about her situation, that I pulled out my return box to eject all the CDs and return it 1 disc in.

Then I reconsidered since I didn’t have another audiobook in the car. And lo, my brain went into a kind of post-traumatic stress mode where I just stopped taking the book seriously.

And I’m kind of enjoying it now. I must say, the narration helps a LOT. I’ll probably give it a 3 of 5 when I’m done.

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  1. Hey, i can relate to what you mean about finding some parts of the book just outright implausible. Over all i enjoyed reading “the angel experiment”. The new book in the Maximum ride series is call “schools out forever” and is derectly a continuation of the angel experiment. Im reading it now and though i still find some bits require the reader to stretch there imagination, it is a good book so far. I hope you can find the time to read it.

  2. Erm..I hate to break it to you..and if you would’ve read the book instead of listening to it, you prolly would’ve known…The Max in When The Wind Blows and The Lake House IS NOT the same as the Max in Maximum Ride. I repeat: IS NOT. This means that Maximum Ride isn’t a “sequal” to WTWB. It is a completely different series, based on completely different characters. James Patterson wrote a letter to the readers at the begining of Maximum Ride explaining that although some of the basis was the same is the same, (ie the name “Max,” the School, the wings) and WTWB and TLH inspired him to write Maximum Ride, they are very different indeed.

    Perhaps this is why you were at first dissatisfied with them.

  3. Well now I just feel silly. Although Mr. Patterson could have avoided this by just coming up with a different name. Kind of like “this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl.” Instead of “Maximum” maybe he could have called her “Totally” or “Really Quite Alot”. Thanks for the clarification though.

  4. The books can get you really confused but damn they are good! the only bad thing i have to say about the book is that after reading it, you want more! I hope he decides to make a Max.Ride3! i mean how great would that be? cos theres loadsa questions and it would be great if someone elaborated. Like the whole save the world thing?Anyway i hope the Movie is as good as the book.

  5. There’s a movie? My my.. .I can’t wait! So I went and looked for information on the net, found disappointingly little. But at least there’s evidence it might be coming. Mind you, I’ve been waiting 10 years now for a movie based on Ender’s Game. Can’t trust movie studios.

  6. Personally, I have liked “When the Wind Blows” and “The Lake House” second to the Maximum Ride books. I just want to tell you not to judge the book until you’ve read the very last page. Plus, if you want to, check out thier blog. Yes, THIER blog, not James Pattersons.

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