Traffic? What traffic?

Driving in to work this morning, I was a bit miffed because I’d gotten a late start and I dreaded the drive in at the height of rush hour. But my goodness, a faster drive in at 8:30am I have never seen! I was actually upset that I didn’t have more time to listen to “Deception Point” by Dan Brown (I downloaded it for free from this new website).

deception pointI opened the mailer with a tinge of disappointment when I first received the book – I hadn’t been pleased with Digital Fortress and I was starting to think Brown is a two-hit wonder (Angels and Demons wasn’t bad). But this one’s got me double-checking the timer on my iPhone to make sure I have lots of battery left (I’m enjoying it that much).

But what’s up with this traffic? Traffic is usually lighter during any holiday week, but this is even better than usual. Two of my closest friends are on holidays this week. Perhaps this is the last chance for most of us to get away from it all before the return of the “work” season, and it’s being taken advantage of by more people than I’d think. Huh.

Well I for one won’t be lulled. If I start enjoying the next couple of days, then I just know the return to normal next week will feel even worse. So I’m going to drive extra slow tomorrow. If you’re behind me, no need to say thank you, I know you appreciate it.

1 thought on “Traffic? What traffic?”

  1. The other drivers must think I’m CRAZY!!!

    I drive a convertible and when listening to audiobooks, sometimes I just laugh out loud at something going on in the story. I know that my fellow commuters think that the lady in the convertible is a REAL NUT JOB! But I actually LOVE my commute.

    If for some reason I do not have a new audiobook, and I must listen to music. I hate my ride. I have also discovered that I am a more relaxed and less aggressive a driver, when I have my audio book playing. Maybe one day all commuters will enjoy audiobooks and traffic will flow smoothly and peacefully (we can only dream)!!

    My husband even calls me when he checks the mail and says “You got a Blue thing today”, he knows that I just love my Blue things.

    Please keep up the great work that you do!!!

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